“a church that cares for orphans”

I am blown away by our church’s response to care for orphans.  Yesterday at Graystone, we gave EVERYONE an opportunity to take their next step in orphan care.  Here are some of the commitments:

18 families are interested in adoption

20 families are interested in foster care

22 families are willing to be part of a foster care support team

43 families are willing to donate clothes, supplies, and other resources

96 families sponsored a child in Haiti (Originally, we miscounted 101.)

16 families are giving to the Orphan Fund

23 people signed up to go on a mission trip

80 families committed to pray

4 families have an adopted child

2 family is currently fostering

I am so proud of our church.  If you did not get a chance to respond or you want more info of how you can care for orphans, please visit our new website: www.helpadopt.com. Opportunities for all 6 next steps are available online: adoption, foster care, donate, sponsor a child, go on a mission trip, and pray.

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