True Religion = Caring for Orphans

Jenn's family cared for 7 different foster kids when she was a teenager. BTW, I did not make any funny comments about this pic (I.e. Jenn is not wearing any shorts/pants.)

In part 1 of Graystone‘s new message series, True Religion, I shared that God is leading our church to care for orphans and abandoned children.  You can watch the message here.  We are trusting God for 15 Graystone families to adopt or foster in 2012.

Jennifer and I feel led to be foster parents, and we are taking steps of obedience.  Other staff families, elders and members of our church are pursuing adoption.  I am asking EVERYONE to pray with open hands as to what God is leading you to do.  God may not lead you to foster or adopt but if you are open, He will lead you do to something.  We are asking for EVERYONE to do his or her part.

You could give to our Adoption Fund to help families adopt.  You could support an orphan in a 3rd world country.  You could donate clothes, baby furniture or equipment (I.e. car seat).  You could help others who are adopting or fostering by babysitting, carpooling, tutoring or providing meals.  You could go on an upcoming mission trip to minister to orphans in another country.  You could PRAY.  You could build an orphanage.

How will you respond to God’s call to care for orphans?

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