Busting at the Seams

My big announcement yesterday at Graystone was that we are adding a 3rd service.  Over the last few months, God has grown Graystone Church by over 30%.  We are pretty full in the 9:30 service and have reached capacity in the 11:00 service, especially in the children’s area.  So, instead of building more buildings, we will expand to 3 Sunday morning services: 9:00, 10:30 and noon beginning Sunday, March 4.

We know that this will require more work, but the staff and key volunteers are committed to make the sacrifice.  And we are needing as many volunteers as possible to serve, especially in the children’s area.  Also, we are looking for 200 people who will commit to attending the noon service.  So, please pray about what God would lead you to do as we create more space to seek to DOMINATE our community with the love of Jesus Christ.

Yesterday, we showed a funny video to illustrate how our church facility is busting at the seams.  Graystone Church on Sunday mornings is kind of like Heath trying to fit into his jeans from high school.  Enjoy.

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  1. Jonathan, my husband and I both thought that was one of the most POWERFUL messages yesterday at church! We could just feel the Holy Spirit there within our hearts and within the church! We are praying for the Lord to give us the guidance, discernment and perseverance of what His will is in moving toward in help the children, as well as the widows that we know. We would love to adopt, but unfortunately at our age, we are not sure if that would be the wisest choice so we are leaning toward helping the younger generation interested in foster care and adoption in helping them to provide for those children and becoming more involved in ministering to the the children’s homes, as well as the widows that we know and need to be visiting on a regular basis. Jonathan, we thank you and praise our Lord Jesus Christ for such a POWERFUL Holy Spirit filled message yesterday!

    We are excited about our church growth and look forward to having the opportunity to volunteer wherever help is needed.

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