Friday Five: 5 Things Going On at Graystone

1.  The Prestons, Caudells and Chris are moving to Wilmington, VT this week to start Valleytown Church.  They are loading up the Uhaul trucks today.  The men are leaving in the trucks at 4AM Saturday.  They will find a place to live when they get there.  The women and children are flying up on Wednesday.  Please keep praying for them and for God to continue to be all over this HUGE step of faith. WOW!

2.We’ve had a major traffic jam in the Graystone parking lot the last 2 Sundays.  I just want everyone to know that we are working hard to remedy the problem, and hopefully this Sunday, EVERYONE will have a pleasant experience entering and leaving our parking lot.  We will have a police officer to direct traffic.

3.  Our new message series, True Religion, begins this Sunday.  I believe it will be one of the most powerful series in the history of Graystone.  This is a perfect Sunday to invite someone, especially someone who needs to hear about God’s unconditional love.

4. Parents, last Sunday our Graystone Kids were only 27 kids shy of reaching 400 kids on Sunday morning.  I’ve promised Katie a pretty sweet reward for when our children’s ministry surpasses this milestone.  Let’s make it happen this Sunday!

5.  I’m making a big announcement this Sunday at Graystone.  If you are on the Graystone Team, please make it a priority to be here.  In conjunction with the announcement, I will be making a BIG ASK for all of our regular Graystone folks.  So, be ready to step up.  If you have not heard the exciting news, let me give you a hint: It has something to do with Heath and a pair of skinny jeans.

Heath will NOT be the one directing traffic on Sunday AM.

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