Trip to Seattle

Some people visit major league ballparks.  I visit churches.  It is part of my commitment to continue growing and developing as a pastor and leader.  Whenever you lose your desire to be the best you can be in any given endeavor, it is time to move on to something else.  Now, I go to conferences, read dozens of books every year, watches messages and read blogs every week, but for me there is nothing like seeing and experiencing a church for myself.

This past weekend, Jennifer and I flew out to Seattle, Washington to check out 3 great churches: Eastlake, Mars Hill, and The City.  All 3 of these churches are different in style and theology, and God is using each of them in phenomenal ways.  When I visit a church, I learn as much as I possible can.  I check out their facility, volunteers teams, student & children’s area, how they treat first-time visitors, the worship service, the sermon, print material, follow up and so forth.  I try and meet with a staff member or key volunteer and ask a plethora of questions.  We learned a ton, and I can see why each of these churches are so successful.

One of the biggest takeaways from the trip is realizing how much God has blessed Graystone.  We have a beautiful facility, a great team of staff and volunteers, and God is using us to DOMINATE our community with the love of Jesus Christ.  It is an honor for Jennifer and I to serve at Graystone.

On Saturday, we had an opportunity to do a little sight seeing.  It is always good for us to get away.  As Mark Batterson says, “A change in place, gives you a change in perspective.”  We had a blast in Seattle, and we are refreshed and ready for our next season of ministry here in Hotlanta.

I’ve been so encouraged by all the letters, emails, and conversations I have had in response to Vision Night.  It fires me up that so many of you are excited about our vision and what God is doing in and through Graystone.  Later this week, I will try and post a more detailed summary of Vision Night for those of you who missed it.  We tried to video it, but the 60 minute tape ran out. 🙂

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