What excited you most about Vision Night?

I have already had several conversations, texts, and emails regarding Vision Night at Graystone.  It sounds like God really moved in many, many hearts.  I’m pumped that you guys are pumped about where God is leading our church.  I am curious to know what excited you most from Vision Night.

I first taught on drawing prayer circles around our biggest dreams and greatest fears.  Then, I shared 6 BIG visions for the future of Graystone and 5 initiatives for 2012.  Which ones resonated with you?

What excited you most about Vision Night?  Let’s hear it!

If you were not at Vision Night, I’ve attached my notes below.

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  1. It all pumped me up! The one that I am most pumped about is the Adoption/Fostering/Caring for Orphans initiative. I loved when you said “wouldn’t it be cool if Graystone Church was known as the church that took care of orphans?”. Wow! that would be incredible. Also, I’m making circles all over the place. If homeboy can stay inside a circle with a whole town making fun of him, I feel sure I can remain in my circle until God answers my prayer.

    Pray Big, Pray Specific, Expect Much!

  2. Comments via facebook

    Matt Shirley: Graystone Monroe baby

    Kelly Williams Leach: I’m excited to see what Graystone families can do with adoption and foster care!

    Luis Valenzuela: It was an interesting “coincidence” that right before Vision Night, God answered Ben Presten’s prayer and provided $25K. It was like God was saying “hey Graystone!, getting ready to make plans and pray hard? let me remind you of who I am and what i can do..!” #excited

    Mandy Nobles McKnight: Tebow (or somebody else) coming to sports camp. Seriously,though. So excited about true religion February!

  3. the shared sense of excitement and responsibility about where God is taking Graystone and the work it will take to get there.

    and of course, the continued story of the Prestens and the whole Vermont team

  4. The whole night was great! Kyle and the Band set the mood for the evening and the spirit was felt! I’m exited about the expansion to the colleges and especially Milledgeville since that’s where I grew up! I would love for some of my friends to be able to attend Graystone – Milledgeville!! I love that you put all of your dreams out there because those kinds of dreams won’t happen if you keep them to yourself. God is going to do BIG things for Graystone in 2012. It’s already started with the Preston’s. What a way to start Vision Night with some huge answered prayers. I too loved it when you said, “wouldn’t it be cool if Graystone Church was known as the church that took care of orphans?”. YES, that would be AWESOME!!

    Keep making circles!!!

  5. i thought the best part of the night was everyone making a circle around the building and praying together. i’m pumped about everything, but the expansion/campus stuff in monroe and on college campuses is very exciting. and i can’t wait to see what God does in people’s hearts in February when it comes to caring for orphaned and abandoned children. 2012 is going to be a great year!

  6. I’m super pumped about Phase 2 because it includes more kids space! I’m looking forward to see how God is going to stretch our faith and use us to dominate this community.

    Mandy – Let’s draw a circle around Tebow!

  7. I was excited about the enthusiasm everyone seemed to have. It is really fun to be a part of a church where miracles happen! It has grown my faith to see God provide for us as we have stepped out in obedience. I got to spend some time with the Prestons today and am so thankful for the privilege Graystone has to sponsor them and be a part of His work in Vermont!

  8. More comments via facebook

    Kelly Williams Leach: Let me add that the music was AWESOME last night too!

    Jim Thorpe: I was excited that the whole message was directed to my wife and I. (It was like you know what is going on in our minds)

  9. I was definitely excited by what God is doing through the Prestons, Caudells, and Chris Hunt in Vermont. Like Luis said, the “coincidence” of God’s timing is nothing but a miracle and a great affirmation that he has blessed and directed their steps. Seeing it excites me to see what God will do with all the new circles being made.

  10. It was an awesome night!!! thinking about everything that was said the part about the orphans and the the circles was super exciting. I am looking forward to seeing how all the Visions are accomplished!

  11. Hey Jonathan – sorry we missed the Vision Night, as I’m sure others did. Is there a second vision – a tape or a summary of what you presented?

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