Friday Fact or Fiction

1.  Last night,  28 mph winds blew our basketball goal over the fence and into our neighbor’s yard.  It is toast.

2. Today, there were snow flurries in Atlanta.

3. Our Graystone men’s basketball team beat a bunch of college age kids last night.  I was the oldest guy on the court, and I almost had an assist.

4. Next Wednesday at Vision Night, I will be getting on the Graystone roof.

5. I preached my sermon today to 700 empty chairs. Several of them made commitments at the prayer altar.

6. Today, all 10 digits on my hands were fingerprinted TWICE.

7.  The guys from Echoing Angels will be joining KATB Sunday.

8.  Here’s the passage for Sunday if you want to study ahead: Mark 1:35-39.

9.  Sunday, I will be wearing a crimson shirt with a pair of houndstooth pants…size 32 of course.

10.  I love Dora the Explorer!

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  1. Such a great message today! With my daughter sitting next to me, you confirmed everything I’ve been trying to tell her this past week. She lost her best friend, Hope McKenzie, last Saturday night. In the blur of all the week’s events, I had advised her to put her phone away so that she can get quiet enough to hear what God is wanting her to hear. Sometimes a message from someone other than “mama” is more impactful so I truly appreciate the message. I also needed to hear it for myself. God is good–all.the.time. Thank you Jonathan!

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