Have you forsaken your first love?

In my sermon prep this week I studied Revelation 2:1-7.  Here are the key verses:

Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken your first love. 5 Remember the height from which you have fallen! Repent and do the things you did at first.”  Revelation 2:4-5a

I ended up having to cut it from my message…if you only knew what gets cut each week.  Anyway, this didn’t make the Sunday message, but I thought it was blog worthy.  Have you forsaken your first love?  Have you lost some passion and fire in your relationship with God?  Are you as close to God as you have been in the past? If not, why not?

We love God because he first loved us.  In the book of Revelation, Jesus is judging the 7 churches. The one in question in this passage is the church in Ephesus (I.e. Acts 18-19; book of Ephesians, Timothy served as their pastor…1-2 Timothy).  They worked hard.  They served God with good deeds.  They hated evil.  They knew the truth and identified false apostles.   They endured hardships and persevered in their faith. All that was good, but they had forsaken their first love.  They were doing all the right things (I.e. going through the motions), but they had lost their love and passion for God.

So, “the one who holds the seven stars in his right hand” (Jesus), tells them to repent and do the things they did at first.  Maybe your passion for God is lacking.  Maybe you are no longer on a spiritual honeymoon.  Maybe your spiritual flame has burned low.  Well, get back to your first love.  Do the things that you did when you first experienced the love and grace of God.

When on your spiritual journey were you closest to God?  What were you doing that led you to such a close relationship with God?  Well, repent and do the things you did when you first knew God.  When’s the last time you told God, “I LOVE YOU!”

Well, enough for now.  Sunday, I will be talking more about developing an intimate friendship with “the one who walks among the seven lampstands.”  I hope you can make it.  And I hope you are ready to fall in love with God all over again.

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