Friday Fact or Fiction

1. I finished my sermon at 1:15AM Friday.

2. Ice Ice Baby is leading the poll as the favorite feature song of 2011.

3. Jessie is making her acting debut this Sunday at Graystone.

4. We still have the snow machines so we are putting them to good use this Sunday.

5. Kyle from KATB is now Reverend Kyle Hale.  BTW, he is requesting to be called PK (Pastor Kyle).

6. I got a new pair of running shoes for Christmas.  I am about to take them on their maiden voyage.  I’ll probably crack a few sidewalks.

7. It’s a huge weekend in NOLA. The Saints are hosting an NFL playoff game on Saturday night, and the LSU Tigers are playing in the BCS National Championship on Monday night.  I am flying down on a private jet.

8. Vision Night, January 18, will be one of the most moving and powerful services of the entire year.  Please make it a priority to be there.

9. Ryan Brooks will be singing a “country” song on Sunday at Graystone (#8 and #4 may or may not be related).

10. 2012 will be the best year ever at Graystone Church!

Categories: Graystone Church, Humor

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    • Thanks for sharing your blog post with me Lindsey. It is always encouraging to hear when God speaks through me to others. BTW, I’m going to pass on your blog to my daughter Julia. She is quite the crafty one. Keep doing what God has uniquely gifted you to do.

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