11 Things God did at Graystone in 2011

God did some amazing things at Graystone in 2011.

Here are 11:

11.  We relaunched Graystone Church and renewed our commitment to DOMINATE our community with the love of Jesus Christ.

10.  Over $100,000 was given in our Project Kids Space Offering which enabled us to open the Kid’s Village.  This relieved the overcrowding in our children’s area and allowed us to have smaller age specific classes.

9.  40 kids committed their lives to Jesus Christ at Sports Camp.  As a side note, a dude on a motorcycle jumped over Katie and I who were standing on the Graystone minibus.

8.  Over 550 adults were involved in Small Groups (60% of our Sunday morning attendance).

7.  We had our first ever Graystone Serves.  One Sunday morning, we all skipped church and served our community in the name of Jesus Christ.

6.  We started the Good News Club at Grayson Elementary, and it quickly became the largest club in Gwinnett Country. During this weekly after school program, over 70 kids are hearing the word of God and several have received salvation in Christ.

5.  We are sending our first church planting team to start Valley Town Church in Wilmington, VT.

4.   We experienced the 2 highest attended worship services in our church’s history: 1,900 (Easter) and 1,742 (Christmas Eve).

3.  We welcomed 1,061 (That’s over one thousand!) first-time visitors on Sunday mornings.  BTW, Jennifer called all of them.

2.  We prayed more than we have ever prayed.  Over 100 people serve on our prayer team, we have a daily church-wide corporate prayer time at 1:14PM,  and the elders are spending a day each month in prayer and fasting.

1.  126 people crashed the waters of baptism. To God be ALL the glory!

Which one resonates with you?  

What would you add (I had to trim down the list.)?

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  1. It had been a great year for the group of teenagers at Graystone Church. I truly believe that Nate Rector, Christ, everybody involved with this group had been doing a great job with our young children. And as parents how can we noticed them growing in their faith.

    Thanks for your time with them and I’m sure we can expect more special blessings from God to this group this new year 2012.

    God bless you all!!!

    • Esther, I couldn’t agree more. From a personal standpoint, Nate meeting with the 8th grade boys every Friday morning before school and discipling them is one of the things I am most excited about from 2011.

  2. Chris and I continue to share your joy, and always pray for you. How awesome is our God!!! Just wish we could be there more often. Love to all, Chris and Linda Stanifer

    • Linda,
      I miss you and Chris and talk of you often. We drove by Lake Hartwell last weekend and thought of you. You two are a huge part of the beginnings of Graystone and we will forever be grateful to you. It’s just a short drive and there is zero traffic on Sunday mornings. Just sayin.

  3. At the risk of being critical of the 11 – there may be a number 12. Although not necessarily in public view – Graystone made an exploratory trip to Haiti, and missions teams went to South Africa, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua this past year – with well over 50 people who went to the foreign missions field this year. This included some of our pastors, staff and two of our elders. Not sure the results from the others but in South Africa we were able to see over 20 children/teens commit their lives to following Christ.

    • God certainly did some big things at (in and through us) Graystone in the area of missions. I’m pumped that we get to partner with some incredible ministries and play a small part in what God is doing around the world.

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