#5 in 2011: Do you know your Spiritual Gifts?

Josh, Kim, Hayden and Madison Whitehead

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KATB led us in a great time of worship.  It was one of my favorite worship sets EVER.

Trey McKnight brought it singing “Everything” by Lifehouse.  I love that song.

God’s spirit spoke through Josh Whitehead to teach us about spiritual gifts.  I love the idea that God does not regift anyone, but He has uniquely gifted each of us according to His perfect plan and purpose.  Every believer has a spiritual gift.  If you say that God has not given you a gift, then you are saying that you are not a believer.  Also, if you are not serving God, then you are not spiritually mature.

I thought the apple pie story was a great way to illustrate how the different spiritual gifts play out in our lives.

Well, I hope you enjoyed Josh’s last sermon at Graystone Church.  I guess if you want an easy laugh, then make fun of the old pastor.  I am an easy target.  I actually hope and pray that Josh will speak many more times at Graystone Church.  He is a great friend and partner in ministry.  I know that it was God’s spirit who led us to sit next to each other in “Basic Hebrew” in the Fall of 1998.

It’s hard to believe that we are already talking about Sports Camp 2011.  I’m trusting God for 1000 kids this year.  We need every person at Graystone to sign up to serve.  It will take our entire church family to pull off an event of this magnitude.  And let me just say that it is my favorite week of the year, because it is fun “doing ministry” with everyone, and I get to see the entire Graystone Church body working together to see hundreds of kid’s lives impacted for Jesus Christ.  It doesn’t get any better than this.

Speaking of “kids”, I heard that Cweekend was phenomenal.  A big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who served our high school kids this weekend: host homes, drivers, small group leaders, those who prepared snacks/meals, etc.  Over 40 HS kids heard God’s plan for love, sex, and dating.  Let’s keep them in our prayers in this very pivotal time in their lives.

Next Sunday, I will be speaking on “the filling of the Holy Spirit”.  What does it mean to be filled with the Holy Spirit?  Is there a 2nd baptism?  If so, what is it?  What is speaking in tongues and what is the purpose of it?  It should be a good one.

Well, other than my “create a caption/picture contests”, I have a hard time drumming up comments on my blog. But, let’s see how we can do with this one:

Do you know your spiritual gift(s)?  If so, what is it?

Let’s hear it.  I really am interested to know if you know your spiritual gifts, and I am curious what each of your gifts are.  I have the gifts of Apostleship, Evangelism, Faith, and Teaching.

How about you?

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  1. I am Jennifer’s cousin in Bedford, TX. I have the gifts of evangelism, Ministry through Nursing and Discernment. I also have gifts that I cannot explain probably related to my gift of discernment.Would be interesting to find our just how that particular gift works but it is hard to find ministers that understand fully spiritual gifts and are able to explain them. They don’t feel comfortable talking about them.

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