#8 in 2011: Singles, I’m starting Johnny’s Matchmaking Mission.

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After seeing all the post-it note prayer requests with so many people trusting God for “a wife” or “a husband”, I have decided to start Johnny’s Matchmaking Mission.  Now, my approach will be nothing like dating services such as eHarmony, match.com, speed dating, or a megachurch single’s ministry.  Basically, my matchmaking mission will function similar to an Old Testament arranged marriage and will connect people who have a like-minded passion for God.  We will take the world’s way of dating completely out of the equation, and our singles will trust my matchmaking missionaries to counsel them into a godly courtship relationship.

So, if you have the spiritual gift of matchmaking and would like to serve on Johnny’s Matchmaking Mission Team, please let me know.  And if you are single, look for http://www.johnnysmatchmakingmission.com to launch soon.  Until then, please know that I am trusting God with you for a soul mate.

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