Friday Fact or Fiction: Graystone Christmas Eve Services

My Little Angel

To say that we are pumped about Christmas Eve at Graystone would be a gross understatement.  We have been planning these services for months.  There are 3 identical services at 2:00, 3:30, and 5:00PM.

10 things that may or may NOT happen at our Christmas Eve services:

1.  Angels will echo.

2. There will be a looooooooooooong kiss by one of our staff members.

3.  There will be a few laughs and possibly a few tears.

4. There will be live camels and a donkey.  We may need a few pooper scoopers?


6. The newest addition to Graystone Church, Emmy Benton, will star as baby Jesus.

7. Thousands of candles will be lit.

8.  The greatest Christmas gift will be given.

9.  The good news of Jesus Christ will be proclaimed and lives will be changed for all eternity.

10.  There is one REALLY BIG SURPRISE that I cannot mention or my life might be in jeopardy.  I can tell you that it will happen at the beginning of the service.  So, get here EARLY.  And BRING A FRIEND!

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