#10 in 2011: Top 5 Bible Verses

To close out 2011 on the blog formerly known as “Johnny’s Blog”, I will repost the Top 10 Posts that generated the most traffic on my blog this year.  Enjoy.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!  

Original Post: Top 5 Bible Verses with comments

I’m thinking/praying/brainstorming about preaching a message series at Graystone on 5 Bible verses/passages that EVERY Christian needs to know.  We really cannot determine a “Top 5 Bible Verses”.  Well, I guess we could if we wanted.

I would like to get some feedback from YOU…and I mean EVERYONE…not just my “Bible scholar blog readers”.  So, let’s hear it.

Which Bible verse(s) would you say are a “must know” for every believer?  What is your favorite verse?

P.S.  This is your opportunity to influence the teaching points at Graystone.

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  1. Hebrews 12:1-12 I tend to think that when I am experiencing a tough place in life the Father is far away, when in actuality he is so close. I really love this passage.

    1 Corinthians 13:1-7 I love how this reads in The Message. Possibly a very over-used passage…but for me rather convicting when I read it slowly and let it sink in. Then I read it again.

  2. Matthew 6:30-34
    Matthew 7: 1-2; 12
    Psalm 91; 92

    I thank God in so many ways for everything in my life and I also thank you for your dedication and love on what are you doing at Church. Graystone Church had been a blessing for us as a family for the last year and specially with our children. We can notice a big difference in how our kids approach their situations and how they had been growing on their Faith in Jesus Christ.

    Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

    Sanchez’s Family

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