Christmas Gifts for Kids in Honduras

Guest Blogger: Nate Rector, Pastor of Families and Spiritual Growth

Over Spring Break of 2012, I will have the opportunity to take a team of High School students to on Graystone’s first ever trip to Honduras.  We are connected with a local pastor down there who has planted several churches and ministers in the surrounding villages.  Our job will be to go to those villages and hand out Gift Boxes to the local children, and in doing so, open the doors for the gospel to be shared in those villages.

But it get’s better…

You have an opportunity to donate the boxes that we will actually hand the children of Honduras.  The missionaries will mark the boxes that we ship to them and hold them for our team to distribute upon our arrival.  So we will actually be able to take pictures of the children who receive your box that you donated!

So what can you do?  Well, best of all, you can pray.  Pray for a good team and a safe trip and pray that God uses us and teaches us in huge ways.  You can also pick up as many empty boxes at the church that you would like to fill up (they cost approximately $15/box to fill) and return them to the church any time before Christmas.  Both of these things are a great way for you to be involved in what God is doing in our neighborhood and around the world.

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