I was attacked by a shark at the beach.

I haven’t had a chance to blog because our family was on vacation last week at the beach.  Several people complained yesterday that they were sick of me tweeting/facebooking that I was enjoying my Thanksgiving break at the beach.  Well, Nate preached a great message Sunday titled, Grateful.  I was simply tweeting how grateful I was to God for good food, good times and a great family.

For those of you who were sick of me tweeting about my  good time at the beach, I did  have a little scare.  I was attacked by a great white shark while kite boarding.  See picture on the right.

All joking aside, I never had a chance to celebrate our baptism service with you.  On November 20 at Graystone Church, we had 77 people crash the waters of baptism and make public professions of their faith in Jesus Christ.  PRAISE GOD!!!  I am so proud of each person who took his/her next step of faith and obedience.  In the spirit of Thanksgiving, let’s thank God for allowing our church to be a part of something so special.  May God have all the glory!

Check the blog tomorrow.  I will be posting the Holiday schedule at Graystone and all the exciting things we have planned for the Christmas season.  As I write this post, Clark W. Griswold is getting the Christmas decorations out of storage.  



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  1. After reading this post on my phone earlier and not seeing the pic until now on my laptop, I am horrified to admit that I am extremely gullible. Thanks a lot.

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