Monday Download: Random Thoughts

A couple of hours ago, I walked into Sport Clips with a “Dear Life, WHAT Happened?” mailer and said, “Give me a ‘Josh Clark'”.  My new stylist, Tynsia, was a first time visitor to Graystone Church yesterday.  She loved it and is thinking of bringing one of her adult daughters next Sunday.  BTW, I left looking young and hip but not as cool as Josh.  Tynsia worked her magic but only had so much to work with…if you know what I mean.

The LSU Tigers are #1 and Bama only dropped to #3 in the BCS.  I anticipate a rematch in the National Championship if LSU can get past Arkansas…always a close game when you are playing for a golden boot.  And Arkansas’ only loss is to Bama in Ttown.  I would love to see LSU play Georgia in the SEC Championship Game.  If anyone has tickets, God is telling you to hook up your pastor and his son.

The Bama fans are saying that LSU got lucky.  Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.  Nick Saben got out-coached by the mad hatter.  And the LSU players wanted it more.  6’1″ LSU safety, Eric Reid, wanted the ball more than the 6’6″ Bama Tight End.  So, he took it away from him on the goal line.  What do you want?  Go get it.  Go for your dreams.

There were 32% more people at Graystone yesterday than the first Sunday in November 2010.  And it was our largest general fund offering of the year (with the exception of Easter Sunday).  Also, yesterday equaled the largest Graystone Kids attendance of the year (with the exception of Easter Sunday) and there was plenty of room for all the kids.  PRAISE GOD!

The Kids Village is a huge success.  The kids have so much more space, and they love it.  Thank you to all who helped make it possible.  I personally like having staff and elder meetings in the new G45 room.  And I don’t even play video games.

Yesterday, someone told me, “Guest services looked like The Gap check out during a Christmas sale.”  People were flocking to get free Bibles and quiet time plans.  AWESOME!  God’s word will change lives.  We simply need to let it in our systems.

Yesterday, I woke up.  I guess you all knew that.  Anyway, when I woke up, God said to me (not audibly) to preach without my notes.  I didn’t want to. We argued about it for a little while.  We also discussed my LSU T-shirt.  Well, I was obedient, and He gave me the go ahead on the LSU shirt.  Win-Win.  Without the safety net (Paul McCrae’s words) of my notes, I really had to depend and trust on God.  He came through as He always does.

When I ripped off my hooded sweatshirt and revealed my LSU shirt, I felt like Clark Kent turning into Superman.

Hopefully, God spoke to EVERYONE through the message, and YOU are taking your next step of obedience.

I’ve heard that DOZENS of people are crashing the waters of baptism as their “Next Step”.  I can’t wait!

What do you need to PUT OFF?  Get rid of it!  Kill it!  Put it to DEATH!

What do you need to PUT ON?  A character quality?  An action step?  Do it!  Take a baby step.  Heck, jump off a cliff and take a huge leap of faith!

What is your “Next Step”?  I would love to hear about it.

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  1. Thats awesome that Tynsia visited the church.. She cut my hair for the first time about 3 weeks ago.. I am so glad she came!!

    -I am being challenged by God to really flow at all times in the “Fruit of Self Discipline”.. I think this fruit is mentioned last becasue it is one of the most difficult to attain… lol..

    -I am going to take off the weight of procrastination..

  2. Hello, Jonathan. Thank you for the encouraging and challenging word on Sunday. Really enjoyed the whole service. Of course, we enjoyed hearing Elliott talk and , of course, I got teary eyed—oh the wonderful grace of God!!!!

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