Friday 5: Confessions of a Pastor

Joelan's ALTA Team

1. When I took my warm up off last Saturday morning at my ALTA tennis match, my shorts were on inside out.  I made a quick change on the court, and I’m pretty sure no one saw it?  Joelan’s team is playing in the City Finals tomorrow.

2. I was starstruck on Halloween night because we had a “famous person” in our trick or treating group.  And it wasn’t Josh Clark.  Although, he was part of our group.

3. I would trade an LSU win over Alabama to see one person come to know Christ this Sunday at Graystone Church.  BTW, if I was a betting man and I am not, I would take Alabama minus the 4.5 points.  Bama wins 24-10.

4. I ate tater tots with ketchup for breakfast.  But I did drink water instead of a diet coke. In fact, Jennifer has not bought diet cokes at the grocery store in over 2 months.

5. I am too cool to drive a minivan, but I do it anyway.  I will talk more about it on Sunday.

Categories: Graystone Church, Humor, Random

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