2 Keys to Spiritual Growth

1. Studying the Bible for yourself

2. Personal accountability from a small group leader, spiritual mentor or trusted friend.

If you are NOT growing spiritually, then you are probably lacking personal time in God’s word, and/or you do not have sufficient accountability in your life.  A spiritual leader, mentor or friend can hold you accountable to deal ruthlessly with sin and help you stay committed to your spiritual disciplines/goals.  If you want to grow in anything, it takes time, hard work, and accountability.  And if you really want to excel, I would encourage personal coaching/training.

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  1. I’m putting a new group of guys together this next year beginning Jan. 1 – to read through the Bible in a year. Next year will be our third year doing this, and I’m looking for a few good men who will succeed in reading the Bible. I will hold you accountable – ask Heath. I have found in order to study the Bible you have to read it first.

    Secondly if you think you can’t do it then I don’t want you to be a part of it, I only want people who want to succeed.

    Thirdly, it will radically change your life. Its not me, or the group that is the change agent but God’s Word. If you like things the way they are right now don’t read, but if you want to change – read.

    Fourth, go through your house and count the number of Bibles you have and let the Holy Spirit convict you, as he has myself, of neglect. I have 12 Bibles in my house, been a Christian for 45 years, and until 2 years ago I never read through the Bible in a year.

    Fifth, don’t pray about whether to study the Bible, just do it.


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