Who I Am In Christ

The purpose of my message last Sunday at Graystone Church (You can watch it here.) was to explain our position in Christ.  I shared that when someone becomes a Christian, he/she may not feel any different (BTW, I cried for 2 hours and felt a huge burden being lifted from my life.), but in reality many changes have taken place.  The new believer has crossed over from death to life.  He/she is not longer condemned but forgiven.  He/she has the Holy Spirit guaranteeing his/her salvation in Heaven.  BTW, when our salvation is guaranteed, it means we CANNOT lose it.  God promises that He will never leave us not forsake us.

My message focused mainly on the incredible privileges and blessings we have of being adopted into God’s family.  Sunday, it was really hard for me to express in words.  I am overwhelmed that God loves me so much, and I get to be a part of His family.

I’m attaching a tool that helps remind me of who I am in Christ.  I read and meditate on it often.  I hope it encourages you!

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