Monday Download: ReLaunch…no skinny jeans, no justin bieber, just POWERFUL

Yesterday was the 7 year anniversary of Graystone Church.  Instead of celebrating the past (nothing wrong with that), we decided to ReLaunch the church to our community.  Everyone did a tremendous job of inviting people and getting the word out.  It was great to see so many new faces and to see others who have not been in a while.

The most exciting thing about yesterday was that a few dozen people came home to God, and 5 others committed their lives to Christ for the first time.   3 of those were kids last night at Katie’s small group.  You can read more on her blog:


I want to encourage everyone to follow up with a least one person that you saw at church yesterday.  It could be the friend or family member that you invited, a person you met for the first time, or someone who came back to Graystone after an absence.  In Jesus’ ministry, he taught the multitudes, discipled a few, and touched individual lives.  Whose life do you need to touch this week?  Let’s keep inviting people and do all we can to help them “take root and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ” (Col. 2:6-7).

It is a privilege to serve Christ with you.  You, our staff and volunteers, are AMAZING!  Let’s DOMINATE our community with the love of Jesus Christ. And may God have ALL the glory.

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