“Graystone is our second home.”

A good friend called me Monday to talk about the Project Kids Space offering.  He and his wife (and now kids) have been with us since almost day 1.  In fact, I met him on the basketball court 1 year before we moved to Grayson.  To say that he is committed to Graystone is a gross understatement.

He said, “Graystone is our second home.  If something breaks at our house (I.e. air conditioner), we get it fixed whether we have the money or not.  If we need something at our house (I.e. a new roof), we find a way to pay for it.  Graystone is our second home.  If we need more children’s space, we are going to pay for it.”

He and his wife had already made a generous contribution online to Project Kids Space, but on Sunday morning, they felt led to write another check.  And they gave it joyfully.  They are making an investment in their second home (And I might add…in their eternal home.).

I wonder how many people view Graystone as their second home?  I know Jennifer and I do.  And man, it’s great to have brothers and sisters in Christ who love our second home as much as we do.  This sheds a little light on what it means to be a family of faith and do life together.  God, our Heavenly Father, is good!

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