Why does our community need REVIVAL?

Yesterday, we kicked off a new series at Graystone, AWAKENING.  I shared that the church as fallen asleep and we need to WAKE UP!  We need God to revive our hearts and revive our souls.  We are praying and trusting God to create a spiritual AWAKENING and REVIVAL in our church, community and nation.

I shared that there are 5 prerequisites to REVIVAL.  The first is that we acknowledge the need for revival.  We as a church family need to be gripped by the need for revival and take action.

Why do you think we need revival in our community?  As an exercise, let’s write down 15 reasons why our community and nation needs a spiritual awakening and revival.  This will be a good way for us to “Acknowledge the Need”.

Reasons Why We Need Revival:

















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  1. 1. Apathy over the subject
    2. No desire to walk with God
    3. Gwinnett County is still one of the most unchurched counties in our State.
    4. Our schools are full of drugs and illegal use of alcohol
    5. Materialism has become our master
    6. Sports have more priority than our church
    7. Few people desire to pray anymore
    8. There is a lack of emphasis and commitment towards reading and studying the Bible
    9. We spend more on toilet paper in our country than on foreign missions to reach the world for Christ
    10. We care more about what people think of us, than what people think of God
    11. Going to church has become an indoor spectator sport, and we are not engaged in external spiritual activity
    12. Failure to confront and recognize sin in our own lives, and brokenness before God.
    13. Not understanding how to walk by faith in obedience to God
    14. A willingness to tolerate sin in our families and around our communities
    15. Apathy over the subject (this is a repeat in case you were not paying attention)

    • Thank you Dale for getting the conversation going. Does anyone have anything else to add? Dale hit several things on my list of 15 but there are still so many more reasons we need REVIVAL in our “LAND”.

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