5 Things to Know about Sunday, August 21

1.  Get here early.  We will be staring the service 4 minutes early, so KATB can play a classic 90’s song.  We want to have fun with the 90’s but we also need to leave ample time for worship and teaching.

2. We’ve added more chairs in the auditorium to provide empty seats.  We have plenty of room in the auditorium to grow, so please invite your friends.  Now, the kids space is getting pretty FULL, but we are PROACTIVELY making plans to create more kids space…more on this later.

3. If you (or someone you know) is a sports fan, then this is the service for you.  It will also be a great message for coaches, players, and anyone who is a part of a team (sports, work, school, family, etc.).

4.  We will be showing a picture on the big screens of me with my shirt off.  And it has not been doctored in any way.  You have been warned.

5.  If you have not signed up for a small group, be ready to join one on Sunday. Click HERE for a list, descriptions, pertinent info, and meeting day/times of the dozens of small groups available this semester.  Let’s devote ourselves to the FELLOWSHIP (Acts 2:42)!

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