5 Things I Did NOT Like about Our Cruise

5. 1 hour massage under the palm trees on Costa Maya Beach…Jennifer talked me into this and it was my FIRST EV-VER massage.  After 5 minutes, I began praying to God to give me the strength to endure the pain for 55 more minutes.  I felt like I was being tortured by terrorists in a foreign country.  BTW, Jennifer loved hers, and said it was as good as any spa she has ever been to.  Whatever!

4. I gained a ton of weight.  How much?  a ton…seriously.  I really did enjoy the “floating buffet”.  Rusty caught me one time with a soft serve ice cream cone in each hand.  Let me be vulnerable…I weighed in Monday night at 215.5 pounds.  I was under 200 at the beginning of the Summer.  I took a “before picture” for a little motivation, but you will not be seeing it on this blog.  BTW, I lost 7.5 pounds on Tuesday.

3. The couple in the cabin next to us had two small children (1 & 3 years old).  They both were screamers and the 3 year old had a wall piercing voice whether he was excited, upset or in between.  He woke us up every morning between 5:30-6:00.

2. We did not see or communicate with our kids for 7 days.

1. We missed back to back Sundays at Graystone.  This is probably a FIRST.  The cruise was Sunday to Sunday out of NOLA, so there was no way around it.  I missed my Graystone family.  But if truth be told, it is healthy for me to “get away” for an extended period of time.  It is good for the longevity of my ministry.  It is good for my marriage and family.  And it is healthy for Graystone.  But it still felt strange, and it seemed like we were gone FOREVER.

Well, I’m back.  I’m rested.  And I am so pumped about launching a new ministry season at Graystone Church.  We will kick things off this Sunday with a service format that we have NEVER done before.  To give you a sneak peak, check out the picture below.  Also, I will be introducing a new pastor to our Graystone Staff Team who will begin full-time August 1.  I cannot wait to make the announcement!

It’s gonna be a great Fall.  We are trusting God to do some amazing things in and through Graystone this season.  I will share some of the vision on Sunday.

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  1. The key to getting a great massage is to tell the person NOT SO HARD!! They do a deep tissue massage that hurts like the dickens! If there is a next time tell the person GENTLY PLEASE! After my first massage I thought I had been run over twice by a Mack truck. Glad you cruise was wonderful in spite of the 5 not so favorite things.

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