It was a “God moment”!

Life is full of the mundane.  No explanation needed.  You know what I am talking about.  Then, every once in a while, God let’s us experience a “special moment”.  Yesterday, during the offering song of the 11:00 service was one of those moments.

The ushers were collecting the offering as they do 52 Sundays a year.  Trey and the Band (Kyle is taking a much deserved vacation and has sand between his toes somewhere in Florida.) were singing the offering song, How He Loves.  Everyone is sitting down as we normally do when we give of our tithes and offering.


a couple of the students stood with eyes closed, hands raised and joined the band in singing worship.  One by one throughout the auditorium hundreds of people rose to their feet until the entire congregation was standing, worshipping and singing of God’s love for us.

It was pure.  It was beautiful.  I was not planned.  It was a God moment.  I had to wipe tears from my face before I stood to preach.  I loved it!

Let’s be faithful in the mundane.  Let’s cherish the “special moments”.  God is good!

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  1. That was truely a special moment, I also had some tears rolling but I thought it was little J that started that and I thought to myself man what a proud father you must be to see your son stand and praise our Lord Jesus Christ and lead his fellow peers to do the same. Great Sermon!

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