What are the ingredients to a “successful” church plant?

I’m meeting next week with a group of pastors/”church planting experts”, and we will be putting together some training materials that will hopefully equip thousands of church planters over the next few years.  It has been a while since Graystone was a brand new church plant, and I am trying to think back to the early days: raising support, moving my family to Grayson, meeting in the daycare, renovating an office/warehouse, recruiting key members, building a great staff team, reaching out to the community, etc.

Well, I’m looking for some help here.

What do you think are the ingredients to a “successful” church plant?  

What are the gifts and qualities necessary for a church planting pastor?  

I would love to hear from other pastors and church planters.  So let’s hear it.  Also, I would love to hear from those of you who have been around Graystone Church for a few years.  What drew you to Graystone?  Why did you become a part of a new church plant?  What do you think has made Graystone Church “successful”?

There are no right or wrong answers here.  I am putting together my thoughts for the meeting, but I really would love to hear from you.  Any feedback you can give is appreciated.  I want to be able to contribute to the discussion/training material to the best of my ability.  Thanks!


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  1. It may seem simple, but the 2 things that led us to Graystone were the yellow sign on Grayson-New Hope Rd. & the website. It’s all in the marketing.

  2. What drew me to Graystone was my children…my daughter was entering middle school at the time and I knew this was a big “transition” age. I wanted to be a part of a church that would give my children a solid group of peers that they could fall back on as they got older, that they went to school with and would see in the halls and hold each other accountable. I found that at Graystone with the youth program and beyond. In the small groups I started to go to, I also found myself a solid group of peers that I could “do life with”. Graystone is real, it is current with topics and honest with its teaching of the bible. In this crazy world, we need to keep church as a focus in our daily lives and Graystone reminds us of this each week. I feel like a family member of the Graystone family, not just a member of a church….there is a true difference in the people here all wanting to make a difference in the community we live in. This starts with the pastor and the great people he finds to surround himself with as his staff. Thanks Jonathan and Jennifer for picking Grayson GA!

  3. Some of the things that drew us to Graystone was a heart for missions and the true community feel. This was shown through the outreach and sincere friendliness that started with Jonathan and Jennifer and trickled down to the rest of the church members. We walked through the doors knowing no one and left feeling like we had found a new family.

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