Monday Download (Nate style)

Nate Rector is Graystone’s Pastor of Spiritual Growth/Student Ministry.

Jonathan has given me the honor of writing his usual Monday entry to his blog this week since he and his family are enjoying some time… and no doubt great seafood… in the Florida Keys.  So, in his tradition – here are the top 10 highlights from the service yesterday:

1. My Maw-Maw was there.  She comes every time I preach, and we were lucky to have her with us… and since I’m writing this post- that makes it into the top 10 list.

2. Dawn Caudell nailed her first ever solo at Graystone Church.

3. Lisa Inlow (who was also my Sunday School teacher when I was in 6th grade… she’s that old) made her Graystone stage debut and did a great job sharing with us the importance of obedience.

4. Our team of 38 folks, led by Heath Hollandsworth, returned safely from the Dominican Republic from another great week of sharing God’s love with our friends at the orphanage in Monte Cristi.

5. ANOTHER team was send off yesterday morning, led by Rusty Knight, to Nicaragua where they will be used to help build an orphanage.  Praise God for using us in so many ways!

6. We were reminded that we do not need to be gifted or talented to be used by God – we simply need to pursue Him and He will use us.

7. As Christians, when we doubt ourselves and our ability to accomplish something that God has asked us to do, we doubt God.

8. I have been contacted by 2 people who want to lead a small group for the first time!  I am excited to hear the stories about the way God uses them in the lives of others.

9. Corey Hale has been playing hurt the past few weeks and helping out in the sound booth with a bum hip… yesterday was his first crutch-less Sunday in a while and he was doing his best work back there.

10. When God moves through our church body, will you be the one telling the stories or hearing the stories?  I want to hear tons of great stories about how God used you… but I want to have some of my own as well.


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    • Yeah, I’ve always assumed Lisa and Nate were about the same age. BTW, Lisa has been on stage before as she shared her wisdom in meeting one of her husband’s needs: domestic support.

  1. Well, your Maw-Maw said she liked number 1 and didn’t need to read any further. And yes, Angela, that was an unusual church since I taught Lisa when she was younger and I couldn’t have been more than 6!

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