10 Highlights from Father’s Day at Graystone

1.  Praying for all the Graystone fathers that God would empower us to be the spiritual leaders of our families.

2.  KATB performing “Lead Me” by Sanctus Real with pictures of dads and their families on the big screens.

3. Trey McKnight leading us in worship.  This is a testimony to Kyle’s leadership and the tremendous job he is doing with music/worship at Graystone.  I get comments every Sunday of how God has blessed Graystone with so much talent.  It is true.

4. Straight forward message reminding EVERYONE of who we are (soldiers of Christ Jesus) and what we are fighting for (The things that last for all eternity: the word of God and the souls of men, women and children).  You can watch my message, Call of Duty, here.

5. KATB having a blast while jamming out to “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N Roses.  They nailed it!  I loved the encore performance after the 2nd service. Ryan sounded better than Axel and Brodie (a.k.a. Slash) can shred the guitar.  I loved how he hammed it up with the Slash wig hat.  It really made the service fun.

6.  Seeing all of our daughters in beautiful dresses on Father’s Day.

7.  Luis sharing how he as a father and the provider of his family overcame his fear of giving by trusting God with Malachi 3:10.

8.  Jessie colored me two paper ties (one from each service) for Father’s Day.

9.  Heath’s apprentice, Chad Fagan, did a great job leading the service (Program Director) in Heath’s absence.  In fact, the entire Tech Team and Ushers pulled off the service without “a hitch”.  It is neat to see so many people stepping up in leadership.

10.  It was one of best services of the year at Graystone.  BTW, I cannot remember all 25 of the previous services of 2011.  I’m getting old.

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