Rumors about Father’s Day at Graystone (Part 3)

Rumor has it that this Sunday could be the most powerful service at Graystone Church SO FAR this year.  Kyle mentioned in his email that Trey McKnight, one of the best worship leaders in ATL, will be joining KATB for some great music.  And we have a really special creative moment planned for the dads.  BTW, you will NOT be able to watch this on the internet.

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  1. AWESOME! I have known Trey and his family for over 20 years! Matter of fact, I just enjoyed watching some of his concerts at a Wedding Shower this past weekend with some friends and his parents! I am so glad that Kyle has him to come to Graystone periodically–that’s GREAT! LOOKING FORWARD TO THE PRAISE AND WORSHIP OF OUR HEAVENLY FATHER AND LOOKING FORWARD TO THE GREAT FATHER’S DAY MESSAGE!

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