Create a Caption Contest

This is one of my favorite Graystone pictures EV-VER.  Let’s see who can write the best caption for this photo.  The winner will receive a free copy of the book, Exponential.  2nd place gets a Sports Camp T-shirt.  3rd place receives the free gift that we are giving dads this Sunday at Graystone.

Humor and creativity will be rewarded.  You can enter as many times as you would like.  Let’s have fun with this!

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  1. There you go, Katie. You’ve got the hang of it. Now go home and watch Teen Wolf and you’ll be a pro like me.

      • You know… The movie… “Teen Wolf”… Surfin USA… Surfin on top of Stiles van! You should rent it. 1985 baby

  2. “Did i ever tell you the about the time i struck out Travis Pastrana in little league AllStars in Mississippi???”

  3. MIRACLE THROUGH A TRAGEDY at Graystone Church Sports Camp

    As kids watch a Motorcrosser jump from a plane on his dirt bike, motorcrosser-skydiver lets Childrens Pastor Katie Landress and Pastor Jonathan Howes know through radio contact that he has accidentally jumped without his chute. An attempt to lead the motorcrosser to Christ before he hits the ground was successful with time to spare. So, Jonathan trys to get him to do a Superman for his last trick. Thanks to quick thinking by Graystone’s finest the Motorcrosser was Saved and will spend eternity with Jesus Christ.

    Graystone’s Bus was not damaged in this story…….. And next years theme will be bounce, not jump.

  4. See I am off the bike and Jonathan is reaching to get on, Katie is praying I don’t land on her—
    ” Ya didn’t think I’d make it over ya did ya” ” Or, Jonathan were you trying to challenge me even more by reaching 7 foot tall–or asking the Lord to make sure I made it?”

  5. The Winners of the Contest

    1st Place: Mandy
    2nd Place: Joshua
    3rd Place: Garth

    You can pick your prizes up at Guest Services. Thanks everyone for playing.

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