Who is Timothy?

I hope EVERYONE is enjoying reading 1 Timothy and gaining the context/big picture before we dive into 2 Timothy verse by verse.  Tuesday morning I did a little background study on Timothy, the person.  I read every verse in the Bible that mentions Timothy.

Here are a few interesting facts about Timothy:

  • Timothy is first mentioned in Acts 16:1-2 on Paul’s 2nd missionary journey.  His hometown was Lystra. And the text along with 2 Timothy 1:5 does confirm that Timothy’s dad was not a believer.  But we know that his grandmother, Lois, and his mother, Eunice, were (great names BTW).
  • Some scholars believe that Paul led Timothy to Christ on his first missionary journey.
  • The “brothers” in the church spoke highly of Timothy’s faith and Paul was so impressed with him that he takes Timothy along on the rest of his missionary journey.
  • Timothy was probably a teenager when he joins Paul and Silas as a missionary.
  • Since Timothy’s father was a Greek, Paul asks Timothy to be circumcised in order to minister to the Jews. Ouch!  Paul wasn’t playing around when he talks about becoming “all things to all men” (1 Cor. 9:22).  This is a great example of the cost of discipleship and total commitment to the gospel of Jesus and missions.
  •  Timothy travels extensively with Paul on his missionary journeys, and Paul sends him to several churches to minister on Paul’s behalf.  He was Paul’s Executive Pastor if you will.
  • Paul includes Timothy as co-author or co-sender in 6 of Paul’s epistles or letters.  Paul is the author of 13 books of the Bible and Timothy is with him when he writes at least 6 of them.
  • Timothy, like Paul, spends time in prison for his faith.
  • Timothy is serving at the church in Ephesus when Paul writes him the letter which is the book of 2 Timothy.
  • Paul spent more time in Ephesus on his missionary journeys than any other city, and it was the most strategic city for the evangelization of the province of Asia.  The church in Ephesus was very close to Paul’s heart.
  • Timothy was not only Paul’s apprentice but his “true son in the faith”.  Timothy was Paul’s most trusted and loyal co-laborer in the gospel.
What else have you learned about Timothy?  
Would you like to add any background info to the list?

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