Something New

Our creative team is trying something new at our Graystone worship services this Sunday that we have never done before.  I love the fact that our team does not settle for the “same old same old”, and they are not afraid to take risks.  I also like CHANGE, so changing things up keeps it fresh for me.  BTW, I cannot tell you what our “something new” IS, because Heath (a.k.a. program nazi) would kill me.  But “Kyle and the Band” will be the ones pulling it off.

Last night as Joelan and I were driving to the tennis courts (I know they are less than a block away.), Fix You by Cold Play was playing on the radio (92.9 FM is my favorite station.) and I was reminded of KATB playing this song at the end of one of our services last Fall with video clips of The Passion movie playing on the big screens as a huge, rugged wooden cross lowered at center stage.  For me, this was one of the most powerful, creative moments at Graystone.

KATB are an extremely talented group of singers and musicians.  And they love God!  I know it’s Friday (Sunday’s Comin’), but let’s see if we can get some feedback/comments on the blog formally known as Johnny’s Blog.

What is your favorite song that “Kyle and the Band” have performed at Graystone Church?

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  1. KATB is great and all, but have you ever seen the security team in action? Now there’s some extreme talent.

  2. These are my favorite Take my life, Awakening, I stand Amazed, You hold me now, $ Jesus paid it all, You never let go, Something to say, This is home, Aftermath, Use somebody and maybe a couple more I can’t remember probably cause they’re not my favorites. Anyhow, if I had to pick, it would be “Jesus paid it all”. Would like to hear, “My Soul sings”by Delirious. Check it out!

  3. I know my reply is a little late, but “This is Home” is my favorite music memory, it was played the second time I visited Graystone, in the midst of my prayers for God to lead us to our ‘home’ church.

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