Tuesday Download

Nate did a great job on Sunday with the message, “Does God Love Homosexuals?”.  You can watch it here.  Nate was the best staff member to address the topic of homosexuality.  And I am not saying that to be humorous.  He really is passionate about the topic.

God loves all people but hates our sin.  Our goal is not to be right but to confront and restore.  Just because someone is born with a bent toward a particular sin (I.e. alcoholism, homosexuality, anger, etc.), it does not make it acceptable and OK.  We are all born into sin and “have our cross to bear”.

Heather’s testimony was powerful, and it took great courage for her to share it with Graystone.  I do not know Heather, but I am extremely proud of her.  I pray that God will use her story to restore many lives and bring Him much glory.

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