Poop in the Pool

Our family had planned on spending Memorial Day at the neighborhood pool.  But one of my neighbors pooped in the pool, and it was shut down for 24 hours.  Apparently, it had to be drained or shocked with chemicals or something.  I’m really not sure of the proper protocol of cleaning pooh pooh out of a public pool.  If it was my private pool, I would have scooped it up and continued on with the par-tee.

My first thought on hearing this bad news was, “DANG, it’s hot.  Now what are we going to do for Memorial Day?”  My second thought was, “Man, I’m glad it wasn’t Jessie (or me for that matter).”  Anyway, the HOA sent out a mass email asking all the little ones to wear diapers even if they were potty trained.  And that one person had caused the entire neighborhood to be inconvenienced on a hot Memorial Day.

This is similar to what happens when we sin.  It splatters.  And it not only affects us, but it negatively impacts all the people around us–our family, friends and neighbors.  Sin stinks.  It gets messy…well, I better stop the metaphor now before I get myself in trouble.  I think EVERYONE clearly understands my point: think twice before you poop in the pool.

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  1. Thanks for sharing that sin is similar to “poo in the pool” and it “splatters” affecting “everyone” because it definitely DOES. Unfortunately, it can be detrimental to breaking family lives and relationships! It’s very sad, especially when the person is unwilling to change and reach out for help!

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