I love seeing people crash the waters of baptism!

Baptizing Bradley is one of my favorite moments in Graystone history!

Today, during our All Staff Meeting, we watched some of the footage from Sunday’s baptisms. (You can watch it here.) Wow!  As I watched people of all ages crash the waters of baptism and make a public commitment to live their lives for Jesus Christ, I was reminded that each of them has a personal God-story.  From Bradley Kohler to Buck Still to Kim Wade to Blake Russell to Jason Barwick to Shelby Brown to Sunny Ayers, God is working in and through their lives.

Every baptism represents a life that has been changed.  Every baptism represents a family that has been impacted for Jesus Christ.  And every baptism represents future generations that will grow up “knowing God and making God known”.

I have said before, “If God uses us to change one person’s life for all eternity, then it was worth starting Graystone Church.”  Well, it was worth it, and it is worth it.  If you have ever given or served at Graystone, then God is using you to change hundreds of lives for all eternity.  THANK YOU!

Let’s continue to seek hard after God and trust Him to DOMINATE our community with the love of Jesus Christ!  Jersey Day is 5 days away, and we are praying for dozens of people to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Who are you bringing?

The best is yet to come!


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  1. What an awesome day it was. My husband and both step children were baptized! God has definitely used Graystone to change our family!

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