Jersey Day Contest…Win a Pizza Party for your team!

Graystone Church‘s biggest outreach event of the year, Jersey Day, is Sunday, May 15 at 9:30 and 11:00AM.  Yes, in years past, Jersey Day at Graystone has been even bigger than Easter Sunday. If that is the case this year, we could top 2,000 in attendance for the first time in Graystone history.  And if we do, I promise NOT to preach in a pair of skinny jeans.  That would simply be awkward for EVERYONE.

Jersey Day is the perfect opportunity for you to invite your teammates to church.  So, if you play softball, baseball, tennis, lacrosse, football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, golf, tiddleywinks, whatever team you are on, this is your PERFECT Sunday for you to invite your team’s coaches, players, and parents to church.  I will be sharing a special message geared for the sports-oriented family, “Raising Kids That Become Champions”.  And our creative team has something REALLY, REALLY special planned for the service.  Everyone is encouraged to wear their team or favorite jersey.

To motivate you to recruit your team to Jersey Day, I am putting together a little contest.  For the team that has the highest percentage of teammates at Jersey Day, I will provide a team party with pizza, drinks and dessert.  Now, hopefully, this gives you a little more encouragement to invite your teammates to church, but we should all be motivated to reach out to others out of a love for God and a love for people.

Hint: One Jersey Day, I was able to bring almost my entire Purple Power Pee Wee Softball Team to church by picking them up at the ball park in a Hummer Limo ( donated it for FREE!).  Do whatever it takes to bring people to Jesus (Mark 2:1-12).  Pick them up in a helicopter if you have to.  BTW, 8 of the players pictured below and their families currently attend Graystone Church!

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  1. Jonathan, you and Jennifer and all the Staff and behind the scene people at Graystone are JUST AWESOME–WE LOVE IT! WE PRAISE THE LORD FOR THE CREATIVITY OF THOSE LIKE YALL TO BRING OTHER’S TO CHRIST!!!!!! We want you to know how much yall are APPRECIATED! We want you to know how much you are an INSPRIRATION and SPIRITUAL LEADER in setting such a GREAT EXAMPLE for us to follow in REACHING OUT TO THE COMMUNITY AND ALL OF THOSE WE MEET IN COMING TO KNOW OUR LORD AND SAVIOR! WE LOVE GRAYSTONE !!!!!!!

    HMMM…..HUMMER…wonder if that would work for a neighborhood outreach…..for the Children’s Ministry….even for adults..ha….that’s a thought?

    Thanks for all that each and everyone of you do!

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