5 Things about this upcoming Sunday at Graystone

1.  It’s Mother’s Day.  Let me encourage you to bring your mom to church.  I’m bringing mine.  We will honor moms but we also have a great service planned for EVERYONE.  I’m pumped about sharing the message, The House That Built Me, that God has laid on my heart.  BTW, you might want to bring a box of kleenex.  Just sayin’.

2. You’ve probably figured this out already (I have very smart blog readers!), so Heath cannot be mad at me for spoiling any surprise, but KATB will be performing the country music song of the year, “The House That Built Me”.

3.  Dozens of people will crash the waters of baptism and publicly profess their faith in Jesus Christ.  This is always exciting!

4.  Several families are dedicating their children to the Lord and committing to raise them in the church and in a Christian home.  As their church family, we will commit to help them, minister to them, and pray for them.

5. Since we moved our service times to 9:30 and 11:00AM, our attendance has increased significantly.  With a shorter amount of time between services, this has created a great opportunity for fellowship in the lobby and on the front patio with people from both services.  The negative side is that we have had a bit of a traffic jam with so many vehicles coming and going at the same time.  So this week, our facilities team is building a gravel drive from the East parking lot to the intern house driveway to add a 2nd exit from our church property.  Hopefully, this will solve our traffic flow problem.

This is great Sunday to invite a friend!

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