Random Thoughts on Another Good Friday

I absolutely loved our Good Friday Prayer Service.  I am praying about starting a regular Prayer Service for our church family simple to come together and pray.  I attribute much of God’s spirit moving Easter Sunday to our covering the building in prayer and depending heavily on God and expecting Him to do great things by stepping out in FAITH (sorry for the run-on sentence but it is Friday).

Why can’t every Friday be a good Friday to remember all that God has done for us?  And BTW, Sunday’s Comin’ AGAIN!

In Texas, the kids did not get out of school for Good Friday but for Earth Day.  I think I just tasted a little throw up in my mouth.  The secular agenda being pushed in some of our public schools is a little more than frustrating.  It is offensive.

Subject change.

Yesterday was a glorious day.  I hung out with my good friend Ashley Hodge.  Billy Brice (see pic below…you cannot hang…believe me) and I ate a cow at Fogo De Chao.  The Hawks and Mavs both won their first round playoff series.   Julio Jones went to the Falcons and Mark Ingram to the Saints.  Who dat?

And I have a new episode of Swamp People on my DVR.  More on Swamp People during a later post but this is hands down the best show on TV.  It doesn’t get any better than Cajuns hunting gators in the LA swamp and capturing it all on “reality TV”.

Jennifer and Katie are at the Orange Conference getting more training to help our kids and families “know God and make God known”.

There is a major buzz at the church this week in anticipation of the Echoing Angels concert.  I cannot wait to hear their new album. They begin setting up at 10AM and it sounds like (no pun intended) they are bringing in a lot more ampage.  You do not want to miss this and it appears the neighbors will not.  All the cool people and Heath will be there.  I might even wear a pair of skinny jeans and sport a faux hawk.

See you Saturday at 7ish!

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