Sunday Download: 10 Highlights from today at Graystone

I am so pumped about today’s service at Graystone that I cannot wait until Monday to share my thoughts.  I will post a SHORT video on Monday to recap and share my thoughts on the message.  Today’s service was a great finale to The Ghost series.  I told you that you would NOT want to miss it.

Here are 10 quick highlights from today at Graystone:

10.  Heath is a good looking orange/apple tree.

9. I loved the worship set and different look/style by KATB.  Enjoyed JP on the cajon.  Too cool.

8. It was nice to see Erin singing with Kyle and leading us in worship.

7. Rainy Sunday mornings are the best.  God is good.

6. Nate is funny and a gifted teacher of God’s word.  His sermon/message was phenomenal!

5. Jennifer and I had secondary roles today at Graystone.  We have a team approach to ministry, and God is building a great team of staff and volunteers at Graystone.

4. Our kids are serving in the church.  Joelan led worship in the All Star Class.  And Julia helped with the Superkids.

3. The kid’s area was packed, especially the All Star Class (elementary age).  We are actually starting a ministry on Easter Sunday that will relieve some of our space issues in the All Star Class.  I will share more on this later.

2. “Lay ‘Em Down” by NeedToBreathe was the perfect response song for the message.  It was so moving to see hundreds of people laying their sins down at the foot of the cross.

1.  DOZENS and DOZENS of people committed their lives to Jesus Christ and are now CERTAIN of their salvation in Heaven.  May God have ALL the glory!  Let’s continue to pray and trust God for His spirit to blow on Graystone.

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  1. Jonathan,
    Sunday service was great! I loved, loved, loved the music set and the atmosphere of the “unplugged” sound. Kyle puts together some great stuff for all of us to enjoy the bands’ spiritual gifts of music! Thank you Erin for lending your much missed voice!

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