If you have questions, the Bible has answers.

During Spring Break, the Sunday morning messages at Graystone Church will be a little different.  We will be answering YOUR most asked theological, spiritual, and cultural questions.  Last Sunday, we had hundreds of notecards turned in with various questions that you would like us to answer.  This is going to be a fun series.

Here are a few of the questions that we will be tackling:

Is the world going to end in 2012?

What will happen at the end times?

What is the rapture?

Are ghosts real?

Are there angels among us?

Can you be a homosexual and a Christian?

What exactly is the trinity?

What do other religions think about Christianity?

Is gluttony the same level sin as being drunk?

Do small kids, babies and unborn children go to Heaven when they die?

What happens to the soul of those who never had the opportunity to hear the word of Christ?

Is there a literal Hell?

How do I know when God is speaking directly to me and leading me in a direction?

If you have questions, the Bible has answers.  You can leave your questions on the comments section of this post or write it on a card this Sunday at Graystone.  We are answering the most asked questions.

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