Friday Favs: Random Stuff

Read Poke the Box last week.  Got me praying and thinking about ‘starting something’

My favorite song at Hillsong United Concert: Yours Forever

Trey McKnight is joining KATB this Sunday to lead worship.  Gonna be special.

Join the Graystone March Madness Bracket Challenge here. Password: Graystone

Please pray for the Graystone High School kids who are participating in Cweekend (I.e. Disciple Now)

Mad props goes out to Rusty, Jason Hairston, and friends who built the pergola over the coffee bar.  THANK YOU!

The below picture represents the most valuable 2 hours of Joelan’s week!

Nate meets w/ Joelan & his buddies every Friday AM for discipleship group.

This weekend, Graystone is rolling out the red carpet for a very special guest (in addition to Trey McKnight).  If at all possible, please be here Sunday and bring someone with you.  I have asked the staff to be on their best behavior.  If you have seen the movie, Funny Farm, you will know what I mean when I say that we are “Releasing the Deer”.

Here’s a really funny video.  Enjoy.

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