Monday Download: AGAIN…WOW…PRAISE GOD!!!

I absolutely loved the opening song, “Our Lives”, with the video and pics of the middle school kids from Disciple Now.

56 middle schoolers committed to a lifestyle of purity.  PRAISE GOD!!!

Julia and I had a great talk about her “giving no hints”…waiting until her wedding night.

Joelan and I will have to throw the baseball soon.

KATB brought it AGAIN. “Glory to God” and “How He Loves” are 2 of my favorite worship songs.

Jim always does a great job preaching but in my opinion, yesterday was his best sermon EVER!  And he even worked in the Hope Center…amazing!

I got teary-eyed watching the video of the young couple who adopted the child.  WOW!  How incredible would it be to have enough financial margin in my life to be able to write a check for $10k, so another family could adopt a child!  I would love to be able to do that one day.

God wants us to be debt-free so we can have a greater impact for the kingdom of God.

What would you do if you were debt-free?

Over 80 folks attended the first session of Financial Peace University.  WOW!

Yesterday, we had the largest general fund offering in the history of Graystone Church AGAIN.  PRAISE GOD!  The top 2 general fund offerings in the history of Graystone have happened in the last 3 weeks.  God is providing!

Thank you for your faithfulness to give.  I pray that God richly blesses you and your family.

I was talking with someone who committed to tithe this year.  He said that he is giving 10% of “every check that comes in”.  He said that already in 2011, he is at 75% of his 2010’s W2.  He said, “Man, the bigger my paycheck, the bigger the 10%.”  He said that it is harder to give the larger amount (10%) but he is committed to doing it.

Several people told me this week that God has already answered their “post it note” prayer request.  PRAISE GOD!  Hearing all the answered prayers has increased my faith that my “post it note” prayer request will be answered.  Keep trusting God for your prayer request and keep lifting up your prayer partner’s request.

I am so pumped about our new message series, The Ghost.  I’ve been working on this series for a few weeks now and I’m pretty sure it is gonna rock our world.  If we can allow the Spirit of God to empower us, it is unimaginable what God can do in us and through us.  I will share more on this series in a later post.  But it is a good one to invite a friend!



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  1. I have been so excited about this sermon series because David and I know personally how life-changing this can be. Over 2.5 years ago, we decided that it was time to throw off the shackles of this world so that we would no longer be beholden to anyone except God. I joke that when we started, David had to drag me along kicking and screaming, but once we got going and started that debt snowball rolling – it was such an awesome feeling. Thanks only to God’s love and guidance, we were able to pay off 2 cars, 2 student loans, and our secondary mortgage, and on October 22 of last year we were able to do our “debt free” shout from Dave Ramsey’s studios in Nashville. It was so neat to be there cheering with other families, and every now and again I still listen to our podcast just as a reminder of God’s faithfulness and provision. It took a lot of faith and trust along the way, but like Elliott said…there’s such a peace in being debt free. We have always considered our marriage to be pretty solid, but we have been amazed to see how going through this process together actually strengthened our relationship by uniting us behind a common purpose and goals. We are so excited for all the families that signed up for FPU, and will be praying for them, knowing that God will work in their lives like he did in ours!

  2. AMEN to the 56 Middle Schoolers that committed their lifestye to purity this weekend! We will continue to pray for them and their committment!

    AMEN to the prayer’s already being answered by the post it notes and we will continue praying for our partner’s request.

    AMEN to Graystone having the largest general fund in their history!

    What would I do if I were debt-free? I would reach out to the Mothers/Fathers that are single by death/divorce that are trying to raise children on their own and are in need of financial help in providing the best for their children.

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