Friday Fun: A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

Pictured below is a kidney stone passed by the one and only Eric McKnight.  Eric is in my men’s small group and we prayed for over 2 months for him to pass the stone.  This is a category 8 stone and is possibly the largest kidney stone passed in the state of Georgia.  The doctors usually blast all category 6 and larger stones, but Eric thinks his old doc just wanted “a challenge”.

So, Eric brought it to our discipleship group to show the guys.  I almost passed out when I saw how big it was and imagined the pain of personally passing it.  And I just had to post it on my blog.


Thanks for those of you who joined in the “Friday Fun”.

Let’s see how many observations you can make about this photo.  There is one HUGE thing that impresses me.  Can any of you “Sherlock Holmes” guess what it is?  Feel free to ask questions.

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  1. Is that a Rice Krispie? A tooth? My son finally lost his first tooth, and we’ve misplaced it. The last time I saw it, it was in a ziplock bag, very similar to that one.

  2. I just hope that’s not a kidney stone. My husband saved his prior ones in a similar fashion. 😉
    All I see from this pic is an unknown object in a baggie and that someone drives a Toyota. Hmmm.

  3. Well, the picture is named stone.jpg, so that’s a clue. But I really don’t think its a tooth, or a precious stone for that matter. Did someone small swallow something? Thus creating a reason for a “panic” doctor visit. Perhaps accidentally stuck in a nostril. I don’t know. I’m grasping.

  4. Looks like someone has put their kidney stone next to their keys so they don’t forget to take it with them. Probably to drop it off at the Dr office for analysis.

  5. Yes, that is one HUGE kidney stone and I now have even more respect for the person who passed it. Those are my keys to simply show how HUGE the kidney stone is. You could make some observation about me from seeing my keys, but his really just a side not.

    But who passed the kidney stone? In order for you to figure this out, you will have to start asking questions.

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