Urgent Valentines Blog for Men

Husbands, if your wife told you not to buy her anything for Valentines Day, she did not really mean it.  And she is not saying that she does not want you to do something special.  Remember, women are complicated and different than us, and we do not always hear what they are saying.  If she says not to buy her anything, and you do absolutely nothing, then you will make a huge rookie mistake.  I’ve been through 17 of these “Valentines Days” with Jennifer, and she always says not to buy her anything.

Men, we all know what we want for Valentines Day but that is not want she wants.  Remember, her biggest emotional needs are affection, communication, and thoughtfulness.  If you have not done anything for Valentines, then you better drop what you are doing and get busy.  Risk your job is you have to.  It is the 11th hour.  And you do not have to spend a lot of money to do something thoughtful that communicates how much your love your wife.  Be creative!

And finally, it is Valentines Day, so you will not earn any points.  And even if you did, they would evaporate at midnight. Godspeed!



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  1. Personally, all I ever wanted was a nice card. You see you have to go to the store to buy one, you have to read ALL the cards to find just the right one that says exactly what you wanted to say, pay for it. Come home sign it and put my name on the front of the envelope. All personal stuff. No gift — that’s okay, NO CARD, you are in big trouble!!

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