Monday Download: Pre-Dave, Money (That’s What I Want), HOLLYWOOD, Ball Field, Chic-fil-A milkshakes, Empty seats at optimal times, I Love My Church Update

KATB (Kyle and the Band) did another tremendous job with the music.  It seems like every Sunday in 2011 has been at a HNL (Hole Nuttha Level).  Kyle continues to amaze me bringing in such talented artists and musicians.  Tre was phenomenal leading worship and I hope to see him back at Graystone on a regular rotation.  He is already committed to leading worship on March 13.  And “Money (That’s What I Want)” was….WOW!

Speaking of talented artists, who knew that Adam and Jennifer Wilson were the power acting couple?  We need to take advantage of them while we can.  I pretty sure they will be moving to HOLLYWOOD!  “Do you know how much it snows now?”  Hilarious.  That was the perfect video to set up the message on financial peace in the family.  I think every married couple can relate.

I thought Elliot did a tremendous job with his message.  I appreciate his vulnerability.  None of us is perfect and we all have work to do, especially when it comes to our finances.  Elliot gave two practical helps for getting out of debt and having financial peace in the family. First, live by a budget.  This will help everyone in the family “stay on the same page” financially.  A budget takes discipline and hard work, but we save (no pun intended) a ton of heartache. Second, if you are in debt, use the debt snowball.  This is the strategy of paying off the smaller debt first.  Then with the money that you were putting towards the smaller debt, apply it to the next smallest debt in essence making “double payments”.  Then, when that is paid off, you take your first two payments and apply them to your 3rd smallest debt.  This way, your monthly payments will increase after each debt is paid off, and it will snowball until all the debt is eventually gone and you are “out of the hole”.

I loved hearing the Moreland’s and Russell’s testimonies…very powerful.  If you are serious about paying off debt or staying out of debt, let me encourage you to join the Financial Peace University class.  It has been life-changing for thousands of people around the US and world.  The class will begin next Sunday, February 20, at 3PM.  Then, once you take the class, you can use terms life “Pre-Dave”.

It looked like around 50 people switched from the 11:00 to the 9:15 service.  If you were one of those, THANK YOU!  We still need around 50 more people to make the change, so we can continue to have space at our most optimal time slot for new visitors: 11:00AM.

Rusty Knight is quickly becoming the most popular staff person, because he is responsible for scheduling the ball field for baseball, softball and lacrosse teams.  There are already over 20 coaches/teams who have requested field space, and I’m sure there will be many more with softball and baseball drafts this week.  If you are a coach and would like field space, let me give you two words of counsel: 1. let’s work with each other and make the ball field and batting cage (coming soon) a good resource for EVERYONE.  2.  Rusty likes Chick-fil-A milkshakes.  Just sayin.

I Love My Church Offering Update:  if you have not noticed, we are ALMOST finished furnishing the building.  Sound panels were installed this week in the Superkids Room.  Cafe tables are now in the lobby to create another space for fellowship and community.  We have a brand new under the counter frig in the coffee bar that will be great for newcomers, youth/children’s events, sports camp and other special occasions.  We have end tables and lambs in the seating area of the lobby and have installed a flat screen on the wall for people to watch a live feed of the service.  Thank you so much for your generosity in giving to the “I Love My Church” offering to finish the building!

God is good!  Stay ON FIRE!  Remain in Christ!  Claim His promises!

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  1. Bummed I missed the “lambs” in the lobby on Sunday. I’ll be on the lookout for the petting zoo next week. 😉

    (p.s. SO excited about the sound panels in the SuperKids room)

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