Singles, I’m starting Johnny’s Matchmaking Mission.

After seeing all the post-it note prayer requests with so many people trusting God for “a wife” or “a husband”, I have decided to start Johnny’s Matchmaking Mission.  Now, my approach will be nothing like dating services such as eHarmony,, speed dating, or a megachurch single’s ministry.  Basically, my matchmaking mission will function similar to an Old Testament arranged marriage and will connect people who have a like-minded passion for God.  We will take the world’s way of dating completely out of the equation, and our singles will trust my matchmaking missionaries to counsel them into a godly courtship relationship.

So, if you have the spiritual gift of matchmaking and would like to serve on Johnny’s Matchmaking Mission Team, please let me know.  And if you are single, look for to launch soon.  Until then, please know that I am trusting God with you for a soul mate.


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  1. I have often had this same soft spot on my heart to help esp. single missionaries out on the field who are desperately wanting a mate. Living in Zimbabwe with several single lady missionaries (whose road we call spinster row) has been an eye opener. Although these ladies have learnt to be independent, they have not lost the desire to be married. One lady had been on home assignment and had been writing to a man at her home church. He asked her to marry him and she said yes. She is in her 60s and he in his 70s. Many of these ‘spinsters’ are on e-harmony. My heart also broke for women serving in really difficult areas of the world where they desperately need a help mate. With only limited amount of time in the states each furlough, and a deep desire to be serving where they are I often wonder if we couldn’t have a traveling match making service for missionaries. Why not help out couples to meet if they can serve and enjoy Him more together than they can apart. I would love to be a part of this or see something like this happen.

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