Post-It Note Prayer Requests

I loved closing out the “I Want a Better Life” message series with our post-it note prayer requests.  Each person wrote their one big prayer request for 2011 on a post-it note and took a step of faith by attaching it to the front of the stage.  Then, after the service, each person came up and got someone else’s prayer request and committed to pray for them this year.  We are claiming Matthew 18:19.

I have talked with several people who are taking their prayer request seriously and are committed to pray for someone else this year.  I ran into (not literally) one of our Graystone members today at the gas station and she said that she stuck her post-it note on her mirror. I cannot wait to hear how God answers our prayers in 2011.

When God answers your prayer, please let us know about it, so we can give Him all the glory.

Does anyone have a cool story about the post-it notes that you would like to share?

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  1. Jonathan, I have been spreading the word to family and friends to listen to the “Want a Better Life Series” on the Graystone web site. Today I shared with my daughter-in-law about the post-it notes yesterday and she said, “What an awesome idea!” I have mine on my bulletin board in my office.

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I too am committed to prayer for my post it note family. I have placed on the wall in front of my desk so that every day I can pray for them. I am hoping that the person praying for me will do so in a committed way also. I would really like to see much change in the new year.

  3. Joy and I have placed our post it notes on our bathroom mirrors and say a prayer for them every night before bed. I trust God that He will answer these prayers, every one is so important!

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