Monday Download: Packers Pullover, Largest Offering, Blonde Mustache, 20 Rebounds, we have a cry room, Free iPads (or something else), Chainsaw, Big Hole

Julia just had softball tryouts in the pouring rain.

I avoided saying crap myrtle in the 11:00 service

We have a cry room for crying babies.  Just sayin.

Yesterday, we had the largest general offering in Graystone history.  Thank you Graystone for your faithfulness and generosity!

Hopefully, you have not had too many experiences with God’s pruning and chainsaws.

It took me FOREVER to dig that hole.

I preached with a little blonde cheesy mustache.  Could you see it?  I was honoring a lost bet.

We really do need people to switch from the 11:00 to the 9:15 service.  When Jennifer asked people in the 11:00 service to switch, everyone laughed.

I’m still full from lunch at Fogo de Chao.

If I could be anyone on the world, I would be Jonathan David Howes.  Who would you be?

BTW, I am not politically correct.

Joelan pulled down 20 rebounds in yesterday’s playoff game.  I usually do not brag on the kid’s sports but 20 rebounds!

Jennifer and I are watching season 1 of Prison Break.

I think our children’s ministry survived PNO.

I gave a two finger point in the 11:00 service.

I’m trusting God for two single girls to be engaged by the end of 2011…not to each other, of course.

Approx. 30 folks attended Newcomers Lunch.  Most have already joined.

I’ve told everyone that Jennifer turned 40 today.  She doesn’t look a day over 27.

We had a surprise party for her Friday night.  I had trouble with the evites, so if you didn’t get your invitation, sorry.

I had cake for breakfast on Saturday.

I’m joining with couples and trusting God for many babies to be born in 2011….but not in the Howes family.

Any leftover post-it notes that were not taken are being distributed to the staff team.  Every prayer request will be prayed for this year.

Hundreds of people stepped out in faith and wrote prayer requests on the post-it notes.  It was one of the most creative ideas we have EVER had.  I can’t wait to hear all the answered prayers.

Speaking of answered prayers, how about Sandra Lawrence?  Praise God!

I wore my Packers pullover tonight and the softball coaches asked if I bought it today.  I can remember wearing it to a Superbowl party in 1996.

If the NFL played by college football rules, the Packers would have been in the Outback Bowl.

And the Falcons and Patriots would have played for the Superbowl.

I guess I can start watching basketball and pulling against Duke.

I’m sharing with the staff tomorrow on the power of the “both and”.

And I cannot wait to give away the free iPads (or something else).

Are you ON FIRE for God?

Good night!

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