Johnny’s Blog Superbowl Contest

The winner of Johnny’s Blog Suberbowl Contest wins a Graystone Coffee Mug.

Here are the ground rules:

1. Pick the correct Superbowl Champion (Packers or Steelers).

2. Pick the final score (I.e. 21-14).  Closest to the final score wins.

3. Use the comments section of this post to submit entries.

4. Entries close at kickoff (6:33 PM on Feb 6)

5. You cannot say anything negative about Sabre printers.

Good luck!

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  1. Steelers – 27 to 17,

    Halftime score – Packers 10, Steelers 7, Aaron Rodgers gets hurt at the end of the 2nd quarter, and tries to play in 3rd quarter and turns the ball over, and is taken out of the game permanently.

    Commercials will be disappointing, and the halftime show will be way too long.

  2. Thank you for this morning’s message and opportunity to share a prayer, anonymously. That was powerful. I put my twigs (the smaller parts of my branch) on the back of my prayer request and it made me feel good. I had no idea that someone else was going to have to pray for them all, but I shall earnestly pray, the shared praryer I chose and trust the rst to the Lord. Thank you.

    My hope is that the final score will be:

    Packers 34
    Steelers 29

    But I pray for a safe game with excellent competition, both teams are to be commended for such a fine season!

  3. Congrats to Doug Leach for winning the 1st Annual Johnny’s Blog Superbowl Contest. Doug, you can pick up your “trophy” at the coffee bar at Graystone.

    Thanks everyone for playing. Go Packers!

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